Joy of Playing – Playful and exquisite gems for the piano

Domenico Scarlatti (1685 – 1757)
3 Sonatas
Abram Chasins (1903 – 1987)
3 Chinese Pieces
1. A Shanghai Tragedy
2. Flirtation in a Chinese Garden
3. Rush Hour in Hong Kong
Wang Jianzhong (*1933)
Silver Clouds Chasing the Moon
Shan Dan Dan
André-Francois Marescotti (1902 – 1995)
Bedřich Smetana (1824 – 1884)
3 Polkas de salon op. 7
Enrique Granados (1867- 1916)
Danza Españolas
Nr. 5 Andaluza
Nr. 2 Oriental

Allegro de Concierto

The motto of this programm: Joy of playing! It leads from the delicate sonatas by Italian harpsicord virtuoso Domenico Scarlatti to the compulsory piece of the Geneva Piano Competition from 1939 by André Francois Marescotti. A special highlight are the chinese miniatures by Abram Chasins and the transcriptions of original chinese folksongs by Wang Jianzhong. The second half is all about dancing: “Polkas de salon” by Bedrich Smetana lead away to the salon culture of the 19th century and two Spanish Dances and the “Allegro de Concierto” by Enrique Granados bring the concert to a conclusion with the sensual and passionate music of Spain.